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OKI (UK) Ltd

TASK: To develop new and existing manufacturing team leaders who will be positive role models of the OKI values.


OKI found that, though they aspired to be an enlightened employer, they were in danger of becoming bogged down in the often negative attitudes which employees brought from previous employers during the start-up phase at Cumbernauld.

The Company spent considerable time in consultation with the work force to define the core values that would guide the plant in the way work and relationships in the workplace were to be conducted. These values are as follows:

  • Respect all Members
  • Seek Improvement
  • Be Flexible
  • Keep Promises
  • Promote Teamwork

The manufacturing team leaders provide the main work force supervision. They are highly influential as role models of the organisations’ culture and therefore of the OKI values. Investment in their development was seen as crucial to the culture that OKI wished to create.

The Process:

The team leader programme lasts approximately 8 months. It has a strong personal development focus in which self-awareness, self confidence and the encouragement of a positive approach to learning are key objectives.

The programme includes a challenging residential period early in the process, to build the delegate team, to provide leadership opportunities and to enable delegates to review their personal development needs.

Line managers play an important role, being actively involved in regular Personal Development reviews using a competence framework designed around the OKI values.

A series of Workshops and Action Learning sets capture workplace learning and people related problems and solutions

A six month long Management Project provides a fitting finale and involves a piece of work of value to the local community. Delegates identify potential projects, raise funds and manage practical work. An important feature of the Management Project is the contact with a client group for whom values are often at the heart of their work.


  • Measurable improvements in quality, productivity and waste management
  • Increased respect for team leaders by the work force
  • Created a pool of talent for succession planning
  • Stimulated many Team Leaders to gain management qualifications
  • Perceived to be the recognised route into team leader positions by the work force

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