Terra Nova training and development

Terra Nova's Services


Terra Nova stimulates people to embrace learning and change.

It provides consultancy in those aspects of Organisational Development which relate to Employee Engagement. We design and deliver Leadership and Team Development programmes, including Coaching teams to become more self-directed. We design and run Development Centres to identify high potential employees, and Assessment Centres to ensure attitudinal fit for recruitment. We run Workshops on current leadership topics, provides Facilitation services and 1:1 Coaching. We also Train Trainers, and we have particular expertise in experiential learning including Outdoor Management Development.

All of these interventions are designed in partnership with our clients and are tailored to meet their particular needs. We ensure that attitudinal and behavioural changes are transferred to the workplace, for example: - through work based assignments, action learning, co-working with internal staff, coaching, and diary keeping.

We work in our client’s place of work, and at a variety of quality venues across the UK and internationally.

This work is illustrated either in our Case Studies or Articles.