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Terra Nova's Services: Coaching


Good coaching rests, above all else, on a trusting, close and professional relationship which has a focus on finding solutions, and on bringing about significant personal and professional development. It’s a unique process requiring openness, cooperation, trust and teamwork.

We don’t have any agenda but helping you to reach your goals, and building on the strengths you already have. Our starting point is respect for your willingness to consider inviting someone else in to help.

What are the benefits of coaching?

In our coaching work we don't do seminars, workshops or group training. Rather we provide you with safe, confidential meetings (face-to face, by phone and e-mail) with someone who can help you better manage the challenges of your life and career.

Some goals can be achieved in a relatively short time. Others require more in-depth work. Whichever it is, the decision on how to proceed will be made jointly by you and your coach. Every person is different. You and your situation are unique and we'll treat you that way.

We are very sensitive to the challenges, as well as the opportunities, which managers and leaders face. Even at the best of times, it can become evident to a manager that there are areas of their responsibilities where they experience difficulty or uncertainty, and where, in circumstances of trust and complete confidentiality, they would welcome the opportunity of exploring not just the external factors involved in the situation, but their own performance, abilities, habits, strategies and possible ‘blind spots.’

Equally, managers and leaders will be aware of the occasions when simply to have another set of eyes focused on the same problem or issue they may have been struggling with for some time would be greatly helpful - it can be deeply reassuring when important decisions are to be made, and action taken, to have the opportunity of checking it through with the assistance of an objective, external, experienced - and compassionate! - person.

Self-awareness and lack of defensiveness are increasingly recognised as fundamentally important qualities in management and leadership, and the assistance of a coach can be extremely helpful not only in receiving support in achieving immediate goals, but in developing improved competence at dealing with subsequent challenges.

What are Terra Nova’s principles in relation to coaching?

Firstly, this is seen as an adult to adult process. There will be no manipulation, or imposition of the coach’s agenda. The focus is wholly on the person, and it is a fundamental principle that the contract is with the person, not the organisation.

Secondly, the approach is one of empowerment. It is not a deficit model, or one based on assumptions of inadequacy of the client’s abilities, or superior knowledge on the part of the coach. Rather, it is built on improving strengths and finding positive outcomes in the context of a trusting relationship in which both the client and coach learn. Terra Nova’s coaches have all occupied senior management or leadership positions, and are cheerfully aware of the difficulties and mistakes they encountered in their own roles, and of the learning that was necessary to move forward. Importantly, they also recognise that clients are always and already in the middle of their lives i.e. the coach starts where the client is, rather than imposing their own pattern or sequence of priorities.

Thirdly, there is a complete guarantee of confidentiality. The coach is someone with whom it is possible to be fully open without being judged, and without anxiety that any matters discussed will be passed on - even within Terra Nova.

Fourthly, there is a clear recognition that there is a limitation to ‘techniques.’ Techniques cannot replace the human heart and creativity in the coaching process.

In summary, what can Terra Nova’s coaches offer?

Terra Nova’s coaches offer a continuum of support, ranging from simply being a brainstorming partner to develop potential solutions to a specific organisational issue, through to working over a longer period to help develop long-term excellent performance.

Coaches can be a thinking partner, or an accountability partner; they can serve as a mirror, reflecting back on behaviour patterns or habits; be a constructive challenger; a friendly and supportive companion during difficult times of managerial challenge or major change. A coach can surface the ‘undiscussables’ which can cause major communication or strategic difficulties - or help with specific tasks, such as facilitating 360 degree appraisal.

The coaches also have access to Terra Nova’s other areas of managerial and organisational expertise, and can arrange for specific technical, developmental and training services to be provided if such a need emerges during the contract.