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"Organising talented people is akin to the proverbial herding of cats
- difficult by definition". - Charles Handy

Business leaders may once have been satisfied to see organisational teams operating in disciplined, consistent ways. But the emphasis has now moved to the level of collective intelligence we expect teams to demonstrate, and how this affects measurable business performance.

In the past many organisations aspired to have happy compliant workers who, like sheep, could be herded through obstacles and around a predictable course. Individuals were often expected to leave their intelligence at home. Now the course keeps changing, and the obstacles have become less predictable.

To compete and to thrive in this changing landscape, teams need the tools to overcome obstacles for themselves.They need the intelligence, authority, and confidence to make the right decisions ‘in the field’, and to do this they need ‘soft skills’, as much as technical or ‘hard skills’. In short, the ability to reflect and review their own performance, and initiate improvement.

What sounds like a play on words is in fact creating a minor revolution, and one which is taking many organisations by surprise. Intelligent teams are not only highly effective at getting the job done, they are also challenging to manage.

There is however no real choice. The cost of standing still while the world changes is extinction.